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Whentotweet outage

Yesterday, Google changed their pricing for “Google App Engine” which is hosting Whentotweet. This caused us to go over our budget and have Whentotweet be shut down for a few hours.

Fortunately, Google has been very forthcoming in this matter and helped us get the site back up.

For now we will have to think about how to relate to this. For the time being we have lowered the speed of Whentotweet so that reports take longer. This saves us some money short term.

Long term we will look at tweaking Whentotweet so that it consumes less resources or worst case stop giving out free reports. So get your standard report while you can!

Now even easier to go PRO!

Here at Whentotweet we have been busy adding a bunch of much requested features.

It is now possible to buy PRO reports in bulk. Also, if you manage a corporate Twitter account we have a new solution just for you!

We also now support coupons so it is easy to buy a bunch of PRO reports and send them to your friends. So for example, our friends are you guys so here is a bunch of coupons to get you started! Share the love!

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You can redeem the code at: http://www.whentotweet.com/pro/redeem

Have fun!

Whentotweet.com gets a new coat of paint.

Whentotweet.com gets a new coat of paint.